Walking Booking Cancellation Policy

A PHP1,000 deposit is asked prior a trip.
No refund will be provided for cancellations made the day of diving.
A 50% down payment is asked prior to start a course.
A DVD + DVD player are included in our course package. No refund will be provided in case of non return, loss or damage.
All our prices do not include Eco Tourism Development Fee (ETDF) and has to be paid in cash. This ticket costs Php200 and is valid for 10 days.

Refresher Course Policy

Last dive was over 1 year ago, the Refresher Course is highly recommended.
Last dive was 2 to 6 years ago, the Refresher Course is required.
Last dive was 6+ years ago, Full PADI SCUBA Tune-Up Course

El Dive Ratios Policy

One PADI or SSI Divemaster for 4 certified scuba divers max.
One PADI instructor for every 2 students.
One PADI instructor for every 2 Discover Scuba Course students.
Additional Divemasters (or Instructors) can assist one main instructor if more than 2 students are required in one group.
We do not allow scuba divers to go solo from our boats.
The dives are guided by a divemaster, but the buddy system is required
Private instructors or divemasters are available at an additional cost.

Medical Clearance

Prior to enrolment in any of the courses, a Confidential Medical Form must be filled out, and a physician’s release maybe required.
Certified divers who have incurred medical conditions since they were certified that may affect their diving are advised to obtain a clearance from their physician stating they are cleared to scuba dive without restrictions. For all scuba diving courses a confidential medical questionnaire must be filled out, and a physician’s clearance may be required.

Junior Divers

Juniors must have a parent or legal guardian accompany them at all times on courses and on boats. Parents must provide a written statement authorizing a legal guardian.

Junior – (10-11 years old) are allowed to dive to 12 metres – 40 feet.
Junior – (12-14 years old) are allowed to dive to 18 metres – 60 feet.
Junior – (12-14 years old) are allowed to dive to 21 metres – 70 feet with the Advanced Certification.

Choosing a Dive Site

Our captains and divemasters will take requests for dive sites, however sites cannot be pre-booked or guaranteed. Weather, sea conditions and experience of divers on board are also a factor in selecting the appropriate site for the group. Our captains and divemasters will make every effort to accommodate your requests.


All of our staff members are certified PADI instructors with current Emergency Response and O2 training. El Dive has an updated emergency plan and emergency oxygen on board and at the dive center.

Marine Parks and Conservation

El Dive is a member of the Green Fins association. It endorses safe diving practices and encourages environment-friendly behaviors.

Accepted agencies and certifications

All certified divers are required to have a certification card or a log book. El Dive accepts the following certifications among others: PADI, SSI, CMAS, BSAC, IDEA, PDIC, NAUI, ANDI, NASDS, SDI, YMCA & HSA.