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Both Condé Nast Traveler and Travel and Leisure declared Palawan the most beautiful island in the world in the past years. Looking at pictures, it's not worth arguing about. If you are keen on having a PADI course among the pristine beaches, the limestone cliffs and turquoise waters of the Bacuit Bay of Palawan island, then go for it, and join our team. El Dive is going to make you discover the best of what those waters can bring out.

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Discovery Scuba Diving

You want to experience scuba diving? Not certified yet? Try our DSD package and discover the feeling of breathing underwater. During our 3 dive trip, you get good explanations from a PADI instructor who you stay close to for the whole day (2 students max per instructor). You can explore the impressive coral gardens among the colourful marine life. In El Nido most of the best things to see are shallow. Non-certified people can access to all the reefs up to twelve metres. Meet and admire turtles, anemone fish, pufferfish, angelfish, a school of yellow snappers, and more. We guarantee 100% you will keep an amazing memory of your day with us!

Open Water course

Open Water course

You want to become a scuba diver in El Nido, this PADI course is the first big step!
The Open Water course is divided in sessions: Knowledge in a class, confined modules next to a white sand beach, and open water modules. You practice many skills in a confined area with an instructor to be able to go in the open water. The PADI course has been thought to make you confident and relaxed above reefs and among the aquatic life. You see a lot of marine life up to 18 metres deep such as colourful fish, critters and corals. Once you’ve passed all the requirements, you can be certified and you are be able to dive everywhere in the world with your certification.
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Adventure in Diving

You plan to go further in your education? Being an Adventurer is a first step to the Advanced Open Water course and to Specialities.
Our scuba center provides many Adventure dives like Peak Performance Buoyancy, Fish Identification, Deep, Night, Search and Recovery, Underwater Navigation, Underwater Naturalist, and Photography. For each of them you choose, your PADI instructor first gives you a briefing about the specific knowledge. Then underwater he provides activities such as games and skills in the bay of El Nido. As you become an Adventurer, you develop underwater skills, knowledge and responsibility. This makes the hobby more fun.

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Advanced Open Water course

Becoming an Advanced Open Water Diver in El Nido means you went already further in your education. To go through this PADI course, you need to complete 5 dives: Underwater Navigation, Deep Adventure, and three other Adventure modules that you and your instructor agree on. You can go directly from Open Water to Advanced Open Water, but keep in mind that all Adventure certificates may count toward your Advanced Open Water certification. Once the requirements achieved, you are certified and able to dive anywhere in the world with your PADI Advanced Open Water certification up to 30 metre deep.

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Rescue Diver course

Rescue course

The PADI Rescue Diver course is the first one among all that teaches how to take care of other people. You are already an experienced diver, and go scuba periodically and have good habits. This diving course provides and shows appropriate gestures to save and to help. You encounter panic, unconscious, non-breathing, or tired divers, etc. Handle each situation as appropriate as possible, and as safe as possible.
This course is probably the funniest and most exhausting among all. Your instructor explains different scenarios you solve during the training. He also surprises you along your course, because being a good Rescue Diver is a full time job.

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Become a professional and start a new career in the scuba industry: Guide the certified scuba divers, assist the PADI instructors, help the people in difficult situations, etc. Make the dives easier for everyone is what a divemaster is made for. It is the first professional level in the scuba business. By getting this PADI certification in a reputable school, you get a strong experience, you learn a lot about aquatic life, and you become a leader among the pro family. Our scuba center in El Nido provides the Divemaster course to any motivated person who is already a Rescuer with a 40+ dive experience. The course lasts for minimum 4 weeks, but the average time is 7 weeks (recommanded).

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