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El Dive is a dive center created in December 2013 by the instructor Yoshi Ohtsuka who has stayed in El Nido for more than 8 years. He is from Japan, where scuba diving is really famous there. So he got a large experience since he has worked for 20 years in the industry.

The professionalism and the interactivity of the service, the quality of the equipment, and the passion of the team make our small dive center one the most reputable and enjoyable in the Philippines, and in Palawan island for instance. El Dive is precisely famous for bringing you to the most beautiful places, for providing relaxed and long fun dives in Bacuit Bay, for sharing knowledge about marine species, and for visiting the lagoons during lunch breaks (tides allowing). EL Dive uses 2 traditional boats daily: Slice of Life and Lenard 10.

If you are looking for a way to get to El Nido, we wrote a detailed guide so you can choose one of the transportation available.

El Dive, our dive center in El Nido

A professional scuba service in El Nido

  • Our boat crew provides personal attention. Often behind the scene, our staff helps you from the beginning until the end of your stay. During your dives they cook tasty and personalized lunch made from fresh local ingredients they got from the El Nido’s market in the morning.
  • Our experienced Divemasters provide detailed briefings, safe equipment, interactive dives, debriefings with session profiles and fish books. They organise the day depending on the weather conditions and the requests. Our DMs take care of very small groups, 4 people maximum. As this common hobby is also about getting more education, you and your divemaster can share during the day about environmental knowledge, marine life preservation, and human-being behaviours.
  • Our PADI Instructors provide all types of courses, for beginners and experienced divers. They adapt to anyone taking limited number of students at a time. With their experience, and by sharing their passion, they make you relaxed, so you can become amazing scuba divers, get good knowledge, and be aware of the aquatic environment. Our instructors are all from the PADI diving association, the most renowned of the world. They can speak Japanese, English, French, and more if requested in advance (Spanish, Chinese, Dutch, Italian, Tagalog, Visaya).


El Dive's style : long and interactive dives, long lunch break in the lagoons, long trips, marine life knowledge, education

Environmental activity

Because scuba diving is about having a good time underwater and getting some knowledge about aquatic life, El Dive focuses as well on helping local biologist professors. Keeping in mind Jacques-Yves Cousteau's philosophy, our dive shop's purpose is to keep a link between the industry and the marine biology education. El Dive is the one scuba school in El Nido with passionate and experienced specialists, and you can get a good part of their underwater life knowledge.

In 2015, El Dive has got the privilege to become a member of Green Fins, a environmental foundation created by the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP). Its main purpose is to preserve reefs, and to encourage people to take care of their environment.

El Dive is committed to the local environmental care. Green Nido is an ecologist organization made from local professionals in El Nido. And our scuba center is very proud to go Green being its partner by participating to monthly events, like beach clean-up involving citizens of El Nido, and underwater clean-up involving scuba divers.


If you have any request, please let us know. We will answer you within the 48 hours.

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