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Scuba diving in El Nido

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Introduction in Diving

You want to experience scuba diving in El Nido? Not certified? Try and discover the feeling of breathing underwater. During our 3 dive trips, you get good explanations from a certified instructor who you stay close to for the whole day (2 students max per instructor). You can explore the impressive coral gardens among the colourful aquatic life. In Bacuit Bay most of the best things to see are shallow; even if you are not certified, you are able to access to all our favourite reefs up to 12 meters deep. Meet and admire turtles, anemone fish, pufferfish, angelfish, and more.

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Fun dives

Our scuba center organises 3 fun dives per day in El Nido. 6 certified scuba divers max for 1 divemaster ; however for safety precautions, groups stay small for divers with less than 20 dives logged: 4 people max per divemaster.
Bacuit Bay’s dive sites have two common types of turtles, and two common types of stingrays. You will spot tremendous coral fish such as parrotfish, angelfish, butterfly-fish, pipefish, clownfish and pufferfish. We usually also see bigger fish such as jacks, barracudas and groupers.
We spend the whole day together, so you will go to our favourite places where the reef are healthy and colourful, depending as well on your requests.

Advanced Dive

Advanced fun dives

Borrow our flash light, and go down in the 35m long underwater tunnel of Helicopter island. Look for unique nudibranches, spiny lobsters, lionfish, shrimps, electric clams, spider crabs, scorpion fish, etc. Visit Abdeens’ cave in the corner of Miniloc island at 25 meter deep. Inside, find millions of glass fish, and a skeleton of a dolphin hidden in the sand.
Go at 30 meters deep in the rock forest of Pupulkan island to find amazing nudibranches, octopus or pipefish.
The groups of fun divers are made depending on the experience of everyone.

Night Dive photo

Night dives

With a flash light in your hands, look for the night critters on El Nido’s reef:
Flamboyant cuttlefish, mimic octopus, lionfish, moray eels, lobsters, coral shrimps, spider crabs, stingrays, sleeping parrotfish. Before you go down, enjoy the sunset with warm coffee from our boat. It’s worth it. We organise night sessions in Bacuit Bay only for a minimum of 3 people. And it is still 4 fun divers maximum per divemaster. This activity is only available for Advanced divers or for Advanced Open Water students.
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What you might see in El Nido

Our traditional boats

We use daily two bankas (traditional boat) for our operations. One small and one big. Depending on the demand we can separate fun divers from students, which makes the life easier for everyone during a dive trip.

Our favorite dive sites

Our favorite dive sitesin El Dive

North Rock

In Palawan, and more precisely in El Nido, this dive site is famous for its marine life diversity. You will dive among rock formations, table corals, a swim through, fan corals, pinnacles, all around North Rock.

Aquatic life you will see: Blue-spotted stingrays, groupers, school of bigeye trevallys, nudibranches, rare angelfish, turtles, anemone fish, box fish, spadefish, fusiliers, a school of unicorn fish, etc.

If you are in a lucky day, you might spot a black tip shark, an eagle ray, a devil ray, a manta ray passing by, or an hidden reef octopus.

North Rock El Dive

Nat Nat with El Dive

Nat Nat

This dive site is in the front of El Nido, in Cadlao island. It’s famous for its big turtles we see sometimes around among the reefs.

What you will see: Blue-spotted stingrays, turtles, big eye barracudas, lionfish, butterfly fish, trumpet fish, sea cucumbers, sea stars, cuttlefish, nudibranches, Spanish dancers, mantis shrimps, and ribbon eels.

Sometimes, you can see an ornate ghost pipefish, a seahorse or a very big turtle.

South Miniloc

South Miniloc is one of the highlight of the dive sites in El Nido. When he came in Palawan, this specific island was explored by Jacques-Yves Cousteau, French explorer and marine biologist, the father of scuba diving. The attraction there is the large garden of scroll corals (or cabbage corals), and the school of yellow big eye snappers who live in the top of the garden at 11 meters deep.

You can see more than 200 species of fish. Among them: Pufferfish, needlefish, fusiliers, groupers, banded coral shrimps, nudibranches, moray eels, lionfish, etc.

Some days you can spot a turtle, a stingray, a frog-fish, a winged pipefish, a flat worms, or an eagle ray.

South Miniloc with El Dive

Underwater tunnel with El Dive

Underwater tunnel

The tunnel is another amazing dive site to explore for experienced divers. It is unique in Palawan: 10 meters deep, 35 meters long, it has a big chamber in the middle of it. With our flash lights, you will look for unusual marine animals, like tiny shrimps, electric clams, lionfish, scorpion fish, spiny lobsters, banded pipefish or unique nudibranches. A few small holes at the top let the sunlight comes in and lights the group of swipers turning around.

If you are lucky, you can spot outside of the tunnel a reef octopus or turtles passing by.

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