Our boats

El Dive centre uses two traditional boats daily. A small one and big one.
They are easy to recognize: among the 300 boats staying in El Nido bay, they are the only two with yellow and white colours.


El-Dive 2

The first one originally called Slice of Life was renamed into El-Dive 2 in 2019. It can on-board 7 divers on a trip, plus 2 crews and 1 captain. It is a fast and efficient traditional boat, easy to drive and to access dive sites.

Slice of Life

El-Dive 1

The second one is newer, it is called El-Dive 2, and can welcome 16 divers, plus 3 crews and 1 captain. Its design makes it as one of the most comfortable diving boat in El Nido.

Lenard 10

A 360° panoramic view from Lenard 10

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