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We have a request for help activities for children in poor areas of our store.

Thank you very much for using our store.

In the spread and spread of new pneumonia caused by coronavirus, I think that everyone is spending a lot of time at a disability. I would also like to express my deepest condolences to all of my friends and family who have been unfortunately affected.


Our store, El Nido and Palawan, because there are no infected people, the standards of closure and lockdown have been gradually softened, and we are moving toward the resumption of economic activity only on the island, but not only international flights, but even domestic flights have been suspended for more than two months, and temporary flights, government officials, and government officials send the stranded foreigners to the country. There is only a limited temporary flight for medical personnel only.

However, tourism is not allowed to resume, of course, there are no tourists, tourism is dying, and while most of the residents here have lost their jobs and rely on a small ration of government, slightly the land is in agriculture and the boats are seeking jobs in the fishing industry, but the poor are not allowed to live on a daily basis. The continued increase in the number of people infected in Manila and Cebu is hopeless, and with the easing of lockdowns of overseas workers who are still not returning home, two or three waves are expected to return home, and the resumption of foreign tourists and tourism is expected to resume after 2021.


Therefore, we are considering the help, food, and education to the local community.

Initially, in order to reduce the number of children who are suspended from school there, we are considering before the new school year at the end of August, when only donations of minimum school supplies were postponed, but we hope that food rationing will be delayed in the future, and we hope to be able to help with both of them.

However, due to the circumstances described above, there are still various maintenance costs and tax payments without income, so we have limited insignificant assistance to medical institutions and others.

So, if you share your intentions with your customers before, i would like to ask them to help you contribute to the local community and make a donation.

The spread of the infection is still continuing in Japan, and we have already begun, there is an economic crisis, so I think some people say that it is outrageous. However, with savings, food, and no guarantees at all, public schools have reopened their new school year on August 24, but many children are said to stop studying without any school supplies or other means. We are looking to improve this situation.


Specifically, we consider the following.

  1. The first aid is about July, and if necessary, donations of notes for each subject (seven books in elementary school and eight in junior high and high school) and pencils will be donated. At this point, if the food problem is serious, the aid of school supplies is canceled or postponed, and the distribution of rice and side dishes (after the rainy season, because it will be the harvest time, so expect it to do so)
  2. It is distributed to residents in the school and the town association at the request of cooperation with the organization which has already experienced the disaster support and the educational support to the remote place.
  3. Even after the donation of this school supplies, if there is a supporter, a donation, and there is a fund in our store, it will be done continuously.
  4. If the country’s closure is prolonged, our store will also be in crisis, and if we are forced to go out of business or choose to sell it, i will personally continue to do as long as possible, but mainly entrust the above to other reliable organizations to take over the above purpose and entrust the donation.
  5. Goods from overseas shall be based on overseas remittances, based on overseas remittances, due to lack of certainty at present and in the future.
  6. But i’m in trouble, but I’m thinking of some kind of thanks after confirmation and i’d like to have k other contact information donated. , Therefore, the kind of remittance letter by email, to our email address, every time you send.


We have encountered problems when the transfer purpose is noted as a donation. This seems to flag money laundering checks for some reason and can delay the process or result in the transfer being declined. Due to this we ask that you do not use the word donation when filling out any information. Thank You.

Please send any donations using the following recipient details:

FIRST NAME: Yoshiyuki
SURNAME: Ohtsuka
ADDRESS: El Dive, Rizal Street, Brgy. Maligaya, El Nido, Palawan, Philippines, 5313
MOBILE NUMBER: +63 9991712915
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 3493010653
BANK ADDRESS: BPI Bank, El Nido Branch

On behalf of the El Dive staff and the El Nido people, we thank you.